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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Tonight I went to see the new Twilight movie with my BFF. After we went across the street to Pier 1 imports. I have to say I haven't been there in a couple years. It's not that I don't love their stuff, I'm just not a buyer at those prices !
Well... lo and behold I came across these beautiful leopard poinsettias for $8.95 each!!!Ouch....

After thinking for a while , I remembered I had some white silk poinsettias from last Christmas upstairs in a box.Why couldn't I paint some myself? Guess what I spent the rest of the day doing....yep that's right , LOTS OF POINSETTIAS GONE WILD!!
First I spray painted them with a cheap gold metallic paint.

Then I painted black dots all over them with acrylic paint and a brush...

 Then with brown acrylic paint I painted a smaller dot over the black dots..That's it! easy, and I saved myself at least a hundred dollars by doing them myself!, and I have to say I like mine much better..just sayin'...

Here they are done up in wreaths hanging on every window of my house. At night I used flood lights for up~lighting and I don't Mean to toot my own horn but these ROCK!!!