Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wax dipped Flowers

With all of my beautiful roses blooming, I wanted to find a way of preserving them for Christmas tree decorating this year. I know you are suppose to use parraffin wax, but I only had soy wax on hand.

Who wouldn't want to preserve this beauty in time for never ending enjoyment.....
I used a small mini crock pot on low, you can also use a double boiler. Just make sure the wax does not exceed  150 degrees or you will cook your flowers. And this is the only time double dipping is encouraged!!!


The only flower I found does not work is the turned brown,
Please keep in mind you can use any candle wax(old half burned pillars and votives), those scentsy wax things that lose their scent, or any paraffin from the hardware store, it's all good.Have fun, experiment!