Saturday, April 7, 2018

Why I am leaving Facebook #DeleteFacebook

Facebook does things on our behalf when we’re not even there. Facebook’s paying people are the customers and we are the product.. worker bees of sorts. The countless hours that we spend on our profiles constitute the unpaid labor on which Facebook justifies its stock valuation. Facebook to me takes up waaay too much of my time, and makes it way too hard to get motivated.I am sick of dealing with useless information, and frankly useless people...

 Slowly it dawned on me… Facebook did not make me happy anymore..

I want to send birthday cards instead of typing the letters..I want to take that extra month a year I spend in front of a screen and sit on the floor and play with my glamkids, tend to my garden, get my home in order...those things will make me happy..

I don’t need to engage in yet another pointless political argument with a total stranger; there are better ways to stay in touch with family and friends.

Facebook asked hospitals for anonymized data about their patients for a proposed research project intended to compare the data, which included prescription information and illnesses, with its own data that it collected from users, in order to flag users that may need hospital care. I don’t want my social media accounts monitoring my health. I don’t want anyone but my doctor monitoring my health. I am outraged that we’ve allowed insurance companies and employees of a myriad third-party companies to have access to our detailed records and their businesses monitoring our care.

This was the last straw for easy is it to put random files together with all the Cambridge Analytica Data they have log on to Facebook at a hospital or clinic and bam...there it is..Then what will they do with that data??? I do not want to find out.

So if you are interested in joining the #DeleteFacebook club here is a link on how to do it... Rest assured I will continue with my blogs and Pinterest as well as Youtube for now anyway..

Good bye Facebook...HELLO LIFE!!