Saturday, February 29, 2020

DOLLAR TREE CRAFTS ~Easter Bunny Decoupaged Wooden door hanger

I found this adorable Easter bunny  wooden door hanger.

It is unfinished wood , and has a little jute tie for a hanger. 

What I did is painted the back and sides with black craft paint. Then took a piece of  leopard scrapbook paper and decoupaged it on with Dollar tree school could use Mod Podge also. 

Just coat the top with glue/Mod podge, adhere your paper,then trim off the excess. 

Coat the top with another layer, add a bow and a pom pom for the tail.


Here is another one...just coat with glue and wrap it with fuzzy yarn...add a bow and pom pom...There are sooooo many variations with different yarn and paper you could use, let your imagination run wild!
               HAPPY CRAFTING!

DOLLAR TREE CRAFTS painted eggs / beets and radishes

Ever have waaaay too many of those eggs you buy at Easter, or maybe they had bumps or dings, or maybe just outdated colors? 

Don't throw them out...

You can repaint these and add a few silk greenery to the top, and use them all year round for decor...

Saturday, February 22, 2020

DOLLAR TREE EASTER CRAFTS as some of you might know, my home is a Victorian, not all that white and wood you find saturating the internet. Mine is a painted lady of sorts. She has a copper roof which is offset by her many colors of burnt orange, burgundy, green and gold. 

As you might well imagine Easter and spring colors are quite the challenge for me. They do not look well against her coat of many colors. This year I decided to think out of the box on my decor. I have always loved Mackensie Childs decor, but was never willing to pay the price .

 Hmmmm, well lets just see if the Dollar Tree has anything I could repaint and use...So off I went.
I found these cute little garden stakes that were the perfect size for my window boxes.

And this cute unpainted sign...
And a bunch of other stuff...

O.k....$30.00 later off I went to create...

Monday, December 23, 2019

Christmas Home Tour 2019

Videos Below....

Who feeds the reindeer all their hay?
Who wraps the gifts and packs the sleigh?
Who's helping Santa every day?
Mrs. Santa Claus

Who keeps his red suit looking nice?
Who does he turn to for advice?
Who gives the brownies all their spice?
Mrs. Santa Claus...
She pitter-patters all around the workshop
The whole year long
Amid the happy clatter of the workshop
She sings a merry, merry Christmas song

Who reads the notes from girls and boys?
Turns in the order for their toys?
Fills every heart with wondrous joys?
Mrs. Santa Claus...

By the looks of the table the next morning, fun was had by all...