Saturday, February 29, 2020

DOLLAR TREE CRAFTS ~Easter Bunny Decoupaged Wooden door hanger

I found this adorable Easter bunny  wooden door hanger.

It is unfinished wood , and has a little jute tie for a hanger. 

What I did is painted the back and sides with black craft paint. Then took a piece of  leopard scrapbook paper and decoupaged it on with Dollar tree school could use Mod Podge also. 

Just coat the top with glue/Mod podge, adhere your paper,then trim off the excess. 

Coat the top with another layer, add a bow and a pom pom for the tail.


Here is another one...just coat with glue and wrap it with fuzzy yarn...add a bow and pom pom...There are sooooo many variations with different yarn and paper you could use, let your imagination run wild!
               HAPPY CRAFTING!