Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Christmas Jar

A Christmas Jar is a pickle jar, peanut butter jar, Mason jar or whatever else you have around to collect your spare change each day.
All coins are dedicated to the jar, and during the week before Christmas you carefully select someone to give it to anonymously. Was a neighbor laid off? Is a coworker struggling with health problems? Has a friend lost a loved one?
Simply put your jar on their porch, in their car, on their desk--wherever--and you could change their life for good!
$50, $100, even $200, you'll be surprised how much change you can generate and how much you can affect someone's life.
Will you pledge to give away a Christmas Jar this year?

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I love skirts. All skirts. Even skirts that trees wear.....

Skirts are fun to wear. They swish around your knees. They drape over my legs when I sit down. They blow in the wind. The variety of  is enormous! Different lengths, different shapes, colors, prints, lace, eyelets, lauered, lined and petticoat . Sheer or textured...trousers are so boring in comparison. They make me feel different. They are the epitome of femininity. I'm much better behaved in a skirt, more obedient, more courteous, more graceful and lady like. Skirts make me feel like a woman.Skirts are romantic...dreamy...when I think about being kissed, I'm always wearing a skirt.

Here are just a few of my favorites...

Show off your sexy legs with lace skirt.

A black lace skirt emphasizes the sexy and gorgeous side of a woman.

Skirts in lace are extremely sexy. However, they need to be match on any plain and simple tops to emphasize their beauty, avoid pairing them with lacey or patterned blouses.  They are really a great match on any kind of shoes especially with wedges and medium heels.

Duchesse Lace Skirt

vintage 1950s roses skirt

Leopard Skirt title=

This one by Charlotte at 
                    Resurrection Rags Recycled DIY Fashion

Price Reduced. Funky, Tattered, Romantic Boot Scootin Skirt
Lots of layers of vintage crochet, linens, satin, laces, tulle and toile in shades of browns, peach and off white are tattered and attached to the denim skirt top. It is lined with a tan stretchy slip.

Iris Skirt (sml-med) Available in...field green,ocean,sky blue, red ochre, cacao brown organic cotton and black .

Vintage Kitty.. gorgeous crochet.. full circle skirt.. upcycled.. lacey gorgeousness.. lined...  SM-MED-LGE

Satin Ruffled Gown

My Original Necktie Skirt
This skirt is uniquely original, and it is a great conversation piece! It is made with recycled denim jeans as the waistband, and recycled neckties

corduroy high waist skirt

corduroy high waist skirt

Salena long Skirt in creamy stretch satin and silk chiffon
Bridal Glimmer floor length tutu skirt Streamer formal Ivory and Gold adult --You Choose Size -- Sisters of the Moon

Ultra Pink Ring Master tutu skirt  adult huge poofy -- You Choose Size -- Sisters of the Moon
Sequoia Black  Red cherries printed cotton lace Gothic Festival Mini Skirt

Vintage Kitty... ivory lace and layers... roses, lace and more lace.. perfect for a wedding or high tea party... flowing skirt... Med-Lge

 ivory lace and layers... roses, lace and more lace.. perfect for a wedding or high tea party... flowing skirt...

Isabelle gorgeous lace crepe tiered ruffled fabulous Renaissance Denim Couture bohemian jean skirt

gorgeous lace crepe tiered ruffled fabulous Renaissance Denim Couture bohemian jean skirt.

White Crohet Tutu Skirt with black petticoat size S-M

Ariel on Earth Ruffle Wrap Skirt - OR0705
Victorian Gothic Beauty Ball gown prom skirt - Small- Ready to ship
Coming Up Roses OOAK Atomic Retro Mod Brown Aline Applique Skirt M, L Mommy & Me

Eco-bridal Amanda Rose Wedding CUSTOMEco- Fabulous CUSTOM MADE Tea Party Bridesmaid dress
Sabrina's Bane - 17 yd, 5 Tier Circle Skirt with Vintage Fabric - OOAK
Everyday Princess Maxi Skirt - Small or Medium
The kind of skirt that pissed off all the other little broomstick maxi skirts. And kicked them.
The kind of skirt walked by a person with a full plate of character so as to match and manage a full plate of business.
Boho Long Skirt cotton - White

High Waisted Bustle Mini Skirt
Classic Beige Tulle Skirt with Chocolate Caramel Satin Waist. Soft creamy color.
This classic beige tutu is six layers of creamy beige tulle with your choice of an ivory or cocoa brown double-faced satin ribbon waist. Lined with ivory satin, it makes a beautiful romantic look.
Gigi turquoise fuchsia midnight blue floral silk French bohemian jean skirt SALE
gorgeous bohemian jean skirt paired with midnight blue silk and a floral pattern of turquoise, fuchsia, aquas and purples. So chic!
Shadow Filigree Bustle Skirt - by Kambriel
Mlle. Chantilly Lace. French black chantilly lace over lined tutu skirt.
Lace is a women's prerogative and with black over a nude colored tulle....well, need I say more? Elegance is always in style!

Six layers of a honey beige tulle is lined in ivory bridal satin and topped with a jet black French chantilly lace top skirt. The skirt can also pulled aside with a pin-on rose for a "Last Tango in Paris" look.

Zebra pencil skirt
Zebra patterned high waisted pencil skirt.

                              Thanks for looking...