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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well....Today I ordered my new drug of choice.It is called the "Barbie Drug".It leaves you tan and sexually excited, and it works for both men and women. This could be very interesting! It isn' legal in the U.S. , so I had to sneak around a bit.

It's a new drug in the testing phase that may help prevent skin cancer, treat sun allergies, protect against sunburn, and stimulate weight loss. Although the FDA has not approved this “wonder drug”, Australia and Great Britain are already testing the drug for use as a means of preventing and/or treating skin cancer. The drug is also said to be able to produce a sunless tan by stimulating the melatonin in your body, which is naturally stimulated after exposure to the sun to help produce a tan.


It was originally created by the University of Arizona and the Arizona Cancer center teams as a way to help the skin protect itself against skin cancer and as a way to help prevent sunburns or sun allergies for those with sensitive skin. Clinical trials in Arizona began in April 2007.

With the added bonus of providing spontaneous erections and increasing libido.It helps the body to produce bursts of melatonin. This increase can help a tan stay dark for months at a time, even without exposure to the sun. Harmful UV rays can cause skin cancer, especially for those who tan on a regular basis. The drug helps to prevent this over-exposure to the sun’s rays, and the drug is rumored to have other means of protecting the skin against skin cancer and sunburn. It works in cooperation with the body’s naturally occurring melanocytes, which lie in the deepest parts of the layer of skin called the epidermis (which also is most prone to skin cancer).


IT'S HERE!!!In 5 days from China..WOW

 Can't wait to be tan without hitting the sun.I will post pictures before and after.They say you have to use it for 3 weeks for the full dark tan effect.

Today I received my package of Barbie drug.Tonight will be my first injection.They say you can have some nausea in the first week loading phase, so I will take some Benedryl an hour before ,and inject before going to bed. I am going to take pictures once a week, to see if I notice the tanning effects.
                                           HERE WE GO!!??
1st injection Monday July 25:
 I took my injection before bed with a Benedryl. I was up most of the night,not sick ,just couldn't sleep for some reason.All day on Tuesday, I felt fatigued and had absolutely no appetite.This is a good side effect for me.

 2nd injection Tuesday, July 26:
I also took Benedryl before bedtime with this shot.I slept great, and had no side effects.Wednesday I still have no appetite, but took a multi vitamin and ate a can of soup.Today I noticed that my scar on my hand is lighter than the rest of my skin. Could I be getting a tan already, with no sun? We'll see.
 3rd injection Wednesday July 26:
I have to say I feel great, more energy, and NO appetite. I actually have NO cravings at all. This makes my food choices much better .The girls at work said I did look a bit tanner today.I noticed I don't need as much sleep also.If these are side effects. KEEP EM' COMIN'.

4th Injection Thursday July 27:
Today I noticed an increase in the libido dept. I feel a bit "Frisky" , I do. I haven't felt like that in quite a while. My energy is through the roof, and don't need near as much sleep as normal. I have to say , if it continues working this good, I could be a lifetime member. The girls at work are noticing a difference, and want to give it a go.

5th injecton Friday July 28
I still feel great today, and am craving fresh food. This is totally not me. I am a junk food girl spicy, sweet, salty...For breakfast it was a banana, and lunch was  big salad.WOW !!Lovin'it! I can't wait til my next Dr. appt . to see if I lost any weight.

Tuesday August 6, 2011 UPDATE:

O.K...I'm into my 10th injection, and I am the tannest I've ever been, everyone thinks I was on vacation.It's great, because I don't have to use hardly any makeup.

My legs have not caught up to y upper torso, so I didn't post any pictures yet.I guess it takes about 3 weeks for the tan to even out.



This stuff is awesome. I think I'm tan enough, so I may go to maintenance early.