Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Rose Lace

I love pink, I do.  It is a happy color that makes me feel good and gives me something to smile about.  And though the 1950′s is one of my my favorite eras, I am not quite sure that I am up to this much pink in my kitchen.
This is one giant pink refrigerator.  I mean giant.  You could probably feed a family of 12 from that fridge.  But it’s pretty genius to include counter space with your refrigerator.  And it seems the drawers were way ahead of their time, right?
I do like the pink double ovens in this pic, particularly mixed with white subway tile (one of my little design crushes), but I don’t know that I could handle pink cabinets.  But I do love the dining set!
See, it’s maybe just a tad overkill.  It does look pretty, but I really don’t think I handle pink cabinets in my own house.  I’m more of a pink accessory kind of girl. Because I do want pink in my kitchen.  And because of all the fundraising for breast cancer there is a LOT of pink kitchen gear to be found.  Here are some of my favorite pink kitchen things (I’m particularly in love with the soft serve ice cream machine and that pretty pink stove!

my precious microwave makeover