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Friday, July 22, 2011


  This week I decided to make my neighbors 40 th birthday present. I thought it was so cute, I almost kept it for myself.

  She and her family love to camp .They have a beautiful pull behind camper trailer thingy....{ no I'm not an outdoorsy girl}. I camp at the Sheraton.

  Any way my husband took the camera with him for 3 days, so I don't have every step of the construction, but here is what I got.

  I started out with a bunch of reclaimed lumber from another neighbors deck ,that I drug home. Hubby is calling me "Sanford and Son". Whatever.....Wait til he sees the old pallet from the dump ,that I shoved in the back of the Buick ! LOL.
I broke the perch off of this ,and made the window.

This was made into the awning above the window.

This is a reclaimed post before re-staining.

 Post Brackets before stain.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Cabot stain!!!

Picture of the base, The trailer, and the painted awning/ bird feeding dish.

I cut pieces off of these to make the tree, door, steps, and trailer hitch, as well as the trim for the base.
After putting it all together on the back deck, I realized I couldn't lift it, and with my hubby out of town,  wasn't sure what to do, sooooo........I sweet talked another neighbor to haul it over there or me. "Great", I thought I just have to take the bow and card !

The Birthday girl's husband set the post in the ground before guests arrived for the big surprise party. She LOVED it , and here is the finished Home Tweet Home for some new birdie family........... after the varnish smell dissipates anyway.!
Check out the fire pit !

I added a solar light behind the tree, so birdie friends could find their way home.

The tires are covers from my spice jars!

                                FINISHED PRODUCT