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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This table was made  for the corner of the deck with all recycled materials.I used some old wooden storm windows that were curbside during bulk pick up .I didn't even have to paint or stain them.A good wood sealer will probably be enough when I get around to it.The top is a thick piece of scrap wood .Everything is screwed together. 

The light in the inside is actually one of the many low voltage spot lights we have uplighting the house at night, so it automatically comes on at dusk until dawn.

The stained glass looking front was made by using Gallery Glass paint that comes in a convenient squeeze bottle at any craft store.I probably should have made a pattern to follow, but didn't have the patience, so it's not my best work, I just freehanded it and added some dollar store glass blobs, I found in my craft room.

Here it is at night with a lighted arborvitae.....

                                     Thanks for stopping by......