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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Are the Lilacs blooming just the most beautiful scented site?Seems like yesterday that I picked a big bunch of beautiful blossoms for drying. As soon as the weather turns cold I yearn for sweet smell of those delicate little flowers....

Do you miss that wonderful spring fragrance they give?

Now you can have the scent of them any and every time you shower, bathe or wash your hands. 

Essential oil from the traditional heirloom purple lilac is said to provide a calming effect that eases anxiety. 

Here's How:

48 ounces Crisco (a 3-pound can)
12.7 ounces Sesame Oil 
8.45 ounces Grapeseed Oil
2 ounces Vitamin E oil
2 ounces Cocoa Butter
2 ounces Bees Wax 
14 ounces Coconut Oil

30 ounces of cold water
16 ounces lye crystals

2 T. Lilac Essential Oil
2 Cups dried Lilac Blossoms(optional)

Add lye to cold water .Melt first 7 ingredients on low heat till temperature reaches 100 degrees.When lye mixture cools to 100 degrees slowly add to oil mixture.Keep stirring until mixture thickens.

Trace by hand should be in about 20 minutes. Add your essential oil and lilac blossoms.Pour into molds.Cure about 24-48 hours before un~molding or cutting if making a block.Let stand for 30 days before using or giving as gifts .

This lilac soap is just like a garden full of lilacs in bloom .. food safe glitter and  preserved heirloom lilac blossoms  add a extra decorative touch.

I will be giving mine as Christmas gifts with a side of body butter!