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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Recycled Painted Linoleum Kitchen Glitter Decoupaged Floor

 I decided to update my icky vinyl peel and stick tile floor in my know those 12 inch peel the paper of the back and stick em' kind?

I painted the floor using a porch and floor paint.Let Dry. Printed some roses off on my computer, and some are wallpaper wallies I got off of Ebay.

I then stenciled the floor using a floor/ wall stencil from Hobby Lobby. I did it the homefaker way using spray paint....WORKED AWESOME, and soooo much easier on my back!

Then I added a large container of glitter to a clear epoxy 2 part coating I got from Menards.Rolled it on with a roller with an extension rod...again soooo much easier on my back!

Let dry 24 hours, and VOILA' a new (really easy to clean) couture kitchen floor...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!