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Sunday, September 21, 2014


O.K so I was all on board with ordering this overpriced paint at 35.00 a quart...or so I thought. I got my paint color chart, and the pink was no where near any shade of pink IMO....Hmmmm do I really want to spend that on something I am not sure of....??? I am mixing my own concoction in the far I am loving the results, and with items I had around the it when that happens....

Latex paint , baking soda,soy sauce, and car wax...don't judge me, I'm

just mix 3 - 4 cups paint with 1 cup baking soda in a blender or mixer.paint your item ,let dry.Then apply wax...let dry..antique it with glaze or soy sauce , wipe off excess.let dry. rough up with steel wool or sandpaper.

it is still a little wet in this pic, it dried matte, but if you want it to stay shiny, just buff it with a dry rag.

I get a few extra packs of soy sauce  every time I get chinese, and it's free antiquing!!..there is so much salt and preservatives in it , it will never spoil.You can mix with a squirt of school glue to make it thicker also...

HAVE FUN!!!tion