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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Malnutrition and Overfed COUNTERFIT FOODS

Americans are overweight and nutritionally-starving to death.

We are simply over-fed and under-nourished
We have completely ruined the soil we grow food in, so we no longer harvest  proper nutrient packed food that were once produced in highly fertile soil that we planted our crops. 

One apple today carries half the  nutrients as an apple produced 50 years ago.

How long will it be before we realize the simple truth that the health of every individual depends upon his nutritional status.
Most wealthy as well as middle class Americans suffer from poor nutritional condition and are too dumb to realize what is making them sick.

3/4 or more of the food in our stores are nothing more than processed carbohydrates.Yes here is calories but no nutritional value.  50 percent of our population is in the category of suffering from some chronic condition like heart,  high blood pressure,diabetes, cancer, inflamed joint pain, etc.

most of the health problems caused by nutrient deficiency are the result of the consumption of overcooked and processed foods.
When a mouse in a corn crib dines off kernels of corn, he eats the germ only. When we buy any packaged cereal in a grocery store, such as cornmeal or cornflakes, we buy what the mouse refused to eat. We get a non-nutritional food  because we are as gullible as the allegorical New Englander who was taken in on wooden nutmegs. The difference is that we keep on buying the wooden nutmegs and try to make believe we are getting the genuine.

Commercial whole-wheat bread is the most fatal of all. This seems curious until you realize that whole-wheat [bread] has not had the minerals and vitamins removed by milling and refining processes, so it can only be preserved from insect infestation by adding poison bug killers. “Bleach” is the polite commercial term for this poison.

A diet high in cornmeal produces pellagra.  Mussolini eliminated pellagra from Italy in a short time by prohibiting the use of corn as human food Before then Italy led the world in deaths from this disease.Today it is hard to find any product not loaded with some corn derivative.

Next is meats...deli ones are the very worst.Packing plants for many years have been employing nitrite indirectly in their curing processes…In pickle solutions the change of nitrate to nitrite is accomplished by means of aerobic bacteria that are present in the pickle.”14
Here is a standard formula for a meat-pickling solution:
400 pounds granulated sugar
80 pounds saltpeter, otherwise known as potassium nitrate
12 pounds borax
12 pounds boric acid
The sugar has the effect of toning down the brash salt effect in the meat, giving it a more palatable flavor. The saltpeter aids in curing the meat and gives it a bright, attractive color. Meat cured without saltpeter has a dead, slatish appearance, which is very unattractive. The borax has the tendency to whiten the meat, giving it a bright, attractive appearance. 
We must take the trouble in our homes to prepare our foods from the basic FRESH materials as much as possible, even to the extent of growing our vegetables and fruits on properly composted soil if we can. 
 Our modern methods of food production are leading to the destruction of our nation’s health, Processed food is not food—no matter how much we tell ourselves it is.

Americans are unaware of the 'Iron Curtain' ( barrier set up by totalitarian governments to prevent outsiders from knowing the conditions inside their own country, and to prevent insiders from knowing what is going on outside). in this country encouraged by our government , mainly the FDA.  They keep us  from knowing that we are being sold fraudulent foods that had  their nutritional value removed or destroyed to facilitate the commercial handling of the food, and to enable big food-enterprises to unfairly overpower by price competition of the smaller ones.

Manufacturers are high dollar advertisers, and no news or media agency is able to tell the inside story of food frauds without losing their precious advertising revenue.
 Remember....if a food makes its own packaging, then eat it.