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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

KELP ME!!! Help your body to heal itself....naturally

For years I have suspected that I was hypothyroid. 
I first noticed my goiter close to 6 years ago, at that time it had become quite noticeable and was indeed very large.

 Obviously concerned for my health I went to see the doctor, who referred me to an endocrinologist, who then referred me to a surgeon. Strangely enough they told me my blood levels were normal and I didn't have a thyroid condition.... interesting since I have this giant goiter on my neck. .Seeing my grandma die from thyroid cancer scares the bejesus out of me. 

It seemed like my symptoms were getting worse, so I decided take things into my own hands and started researching natural therapies for hypothyroidism. All my research led me to iodine and I started taking one 12.5 mg of iodine/iodide pill a day in the form of a Kelp tablet. I just got them from the healthfood store, and love that they are all organic.I also have a ton of fibroids in my uterus, so I am hoping for them to go away also...Did you know that panic attacks are also the result of  Low iodine? Ya, I have those too...Fluoridated water depletes our iodine daily....

Iodine deficiency is rampant in most of us. Iodine is the best treatment for thyroid disorders, breast issues, bladder infections and many, many, many other issues. 

*Iodine clears up chest congestion. 
*Iodine improves babies IQ's when given to pregnant women.
*Iodine detoxes the body from heavy metals.
* Iodine acts to lower cholesterol and also helps to successfully remove and clear plaque from the heart arteries.
* Iodine, as well as T3 and T4, tend to accumulate in the lungs. Iodine is anticarcinogenic and antimutagenic. In the old pre-WW2 days iodine was used by medical doctors in much larger doses -- 300 mgs to 2000 mgs amounts  -- to successfully treat chronic forms of bronchitis, asthma and emphysema.  Iodine is therefore highly protective for the lungs in general.
* In larger dose, iodine inhibits the conversion of histidine to histamine. So it acts as a natural anti-histamine against allergies as well.
* For low acidity problems in the stomach, taking  iodine will treat the root cause and revive proper acid levels in the stomach for proper digestion.
* There is an artery that runs through the thyroid/parathyroid which trickles out iodine continuously into the blood. Iodine kills 90%-95% of all known pathogens.
* Iodine in the blood also prevents bacteria and viruses from attaching themselves onto host cells for invasion, attack or reproduction.
* Cyst problems such as uterine fibroids and fibrocystic breast disease are completely resolved and cured, usually over a 3 month period, by taking 50 mgs  iodine a day.
* Taking daily  Iodine can also resolve prostate problems in men.
* Larger dose iodine, just on its own, can completely cure systemic candida. Google Search "Orian Truss iodine candida".
All of the above benefits are associated with taking larger dose iodine. But most people still associate the small RDA microgram dose for iodine with just the thyroid when, in actual fact, the rest of the human body needs at least 100 times more iodide/iodine than the RDA recommends. Women also need much more iodine than men.

The change in my life has been incredible. The first change was my energy. I felt completely recharged! I also felt motivated! Like I actually WANTED to get things done. Mentally I felt so much clearer. I have struggled on and off with depression and for the first time in my life I felt consistently stable. I researched this further because it was completely astounding to me. There is a known link between low thyroid function and bipolar disorder! In fact, if anti-depressants stop working or aren't as effective in some people, doctors prescribe them a medication that enhances their T3 and- viola! -their medication starts working again!
The next thing I noticed was that my knees and back were no longer hurting. They had been so painful since my car accident, I could hardly function... for at least a month they just stopped hurting completely.I can go up stairs again!!!! WOOOOHOOOO

The hypothyroid night sweats are gone (I would wake up at least 4-5 times each week with my pajamas, hair and sheets drenched), I am sleeping decently and the under eye puffiness is gone...
One thing that still just blows me away is that my feet are smooth. For as long as I can remember, my  heels have been dry and cracked and the skin was so thick. To get my feet in shape for sandals in warm weather took a ton of soaking and sanding. I just figured that's how my feet were. Within just a couple of days, I started noticing my heels were not as rough. After a week, they were like I had received an incredibly expensive pedicure !! To get results like this, normally I would have to soak, scrub, moisturize repeatedly and maybe after a week they would look half this good.
The whole thing is shocking and amazing to me. It has helped me beyond anything I could have imagined. I figured so many of my issues were things I had to live with and never dreamed they could even be treated. I wonder how many people are walking around with low functioning thyroids and don't even know it? I seriously felt like a 40 year old in a 90 year old body!