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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Beautiful Realistic Rose Tattoo's

So....I swore I would never get a tattoo.....
They came up with this awesome technique of not using that big black outline!!!
They are called no line watercolor tattoo's

The tattoo process remains the same, same techniques and tools are used but the focus is on simulating the watercolor effect. 

The watercolor style is created using splatters, blurs, shades. 

There are no defined shapes and no outlines, watercolor tattoos allowing the artist to take on a different approach to the “traditional” tattoo.

Here are just some of the designs I am considering....

A traditional tattoo will outlast a watercolor one, but eventually even the traditional tattoo will need a touch up as well. 

No matter what tattoo you want, you’ll probably have to get it “touched up”. 

With watercolor tattoos, however, you’ll probably just want to get them touched up sooner.

And now the hunt is on for an artist to make me one!!...and where to put it...and how many I want leaves? OH DEAR!