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Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am the proud owner of this beautiful pink cast iron range. Her name is Dixie.

  Dixie and I met about 12 years ago in a large Victorian homes basement in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

   I fell in love at first sight. My husband was not so enthused ...carrying her up 2 flights of stairs to get her out of the dingy basement she was being stored in. I believe she weighs about 650 pounds.

  We finally got her loaded in the truck and in her new home. She is a wonderful addition to my very pink shabby chic kitchen. I can't imagine cooking without her !!!Here are some close up details.....
                                I  LOVE A FIREPLACE IN A KITCHEN!

 My microwave redo...see before and after pictures on my blog.

                        A beautiful coffee urn I found on Craigslist!

                                                           Barbie key holder!!!

                                                        Decorated for Christmas.

                    I just loves me some ALOT  pink glassware!!!!!

                          Close up detail of the shades...

   If I was ever to compare myself to an appliance , she would be it...heavy set, lots of curves, and just the right amount of sex appeal !

  This week she is getting a major overhaul. New burners, wiring , oven elements, light socket,thermostat....

  Here she is all taken apart. I almost had a heart attack when I saw her.

                                          POOR DIXIE!!!

  After many hours of work by an excellent electrician, she is all back together, and set for another 30 years or so. I hope after I leave this world someone will enjoy her as much as I do. I love ya old girl!!!