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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PINK Francis Francis X8 iperEspresso Machine

This is my X8 machine  that uses the new revolutionary iperEspresso Method to prepare espresso. Hyper Espresso is a unique and innovative two-stage process. The first is hyper infusion. This is followed by emulsion, resulting in a thick, velvety crema and full-bodied espresso.
That being said, my kitchen is Shabby Chic style, so this machine in black wasn't going to cut it.I do love the curvy body style .A little sanding and taping off  made her into the curvyliscious sexy machine she is today.

Aside from being a fully functional espresso maker, the Francis Francis X8 iperEspresso Machine is a delight to look at and display on your kitchen counter.  The stylish new retro design of the machine lends it a chic appeal, all the while offering you some of the best at-home brewing of espresso that can be done.  Its durable ABS black plastic body and convenient 22-ounce water tank are just the beginning of what makes the X8 so beautiful.  Heads will turn and your friends and family will want to know where you got your incredible espresso maker when you own an X8.  So much more than just a single serve espresso brewer, you can do it all without setting foot outside.  No need to have a big flashy espresso machine that only a barista knows how to use.  With the Francis Francis X8 iperEspresso machine, you can have amazing coffee shoppe quality in the comfort of your own home.

                                                    I LOVE HER!!!!