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Friday, September 14, 2012


There's probably no other fall flowering plant quite as popular as sweet as the Silver Lace vine.
Zone hardiness is 4-9 and it prefers full sun .

Growth rate is rapid and although it can reach 30' in height, it is easily pruned and trained .

 Here is my Silver Lace Vine clambering over my 8 foot rustic country fence along the back side of the house.

 Because of its vigorous habit, it is often used to hide unsightly views. In late summer and early fall masses of white, fragrant flowers are produced that have a lovely sweet fragrance that fills the air.

You can also  transplant it with a little care . It tries to spread by underground rhizomes if happy in its spot. This is by way of saying, this is a weed. Note that every little bit of root can form a new plant so if you want to share your happiness with a friend, dig up a chunk of root and share .