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Friday, June 5, 2015

Holly Hobbie oven redo

Today while thrifting I came across the cutest little  Holly Hobby easy bake oven. They had it marked 10.00, but with a coupon, and a store card I scored it for 4.50 !!! Yipeee for me!

Holly Hobbie ovens adorned the toy aisle almost a decade after its Easy-Bake competitor, but its nostalgic look gave the impression that it was century older. Fashioned after an antique stove, the Holly Hobbie Oven gave children the ability to bake cookies and cakes just like mom … or more appropriately, just like grandma.
An illustrated little girl named Holly Hobbie,  face has adorned countless greeting cards for over fifty years. The character was created by an author and artist whose real name was Holly Hobbie!
Hobbie was also an  artist for American Greetings in the early 70s, and she created artwork of a little girl in a worn dress that loves cats. She named the character after herself and it wasn’t long before American Greetings contracted Knickerbocker toys to produce a doll based on the character’s likeness. For a time, these dolls were very popular and it made sense to create some more toys.
They licensed the image to Coleco, who created the Holly Hobbie Oven in 1975. It operated much in the same way as the  Easy-Bake Oven, but had an old-fashioned cast iron appearance. The toy came with a number of cool accessories, including real wood spoons and a rolling pin, plus an assortment of bowls and pans to create your lightbulb-baked masterpieces.
I still need to hunt for all the accessories...plenty of time for that. Here is what she looked like when I bought it.

The moment I saw it, it screamed a mini me of my stove/ oven. I thought how cute would it be for my new grand daughter (arriving in 10 weeks). I know she won't be able to use it for a while...but I may just play with it for a while until she is old enough....heee heee.

 First I spray painted it after a good scrubbing and rubbing alcohol rub down to remove any oil or grease. 

Here she is after her "makeover"....

I cannot wait for the day we will be able to bake in our pretty pink ovens together....

Here is mine....

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