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Thursday, June 18, 2015


While thrifting today, I found these great mess tins / Chinese Stacking Cookware Serving Trays made in Thailand and never used! 

It has 5 ornate trays that stack on each other with a lid on top.  It all snaps together with a carrying handle.
Made of aluminum and stamped Chue Chin Hua

CHUE CHIN HUA COMPANY LIMITED. was founded to produce aluminum cookware since 1936. The company was received the honorable emblem "By Appointment of His Majesty The King" in 1973.

These are also called Tiffins.
Tiffins are a very old method for carrying lunch. Since 1890 each day in Mumbai, India’s largest city, around 200,000 office workers receive a home cooked lunch prepared by their spouse and later hand delivered in a traditional ‘Tiffin’ lunch box by a Dabbawallah.  The word Tiffin actually means light lunch.
 In Mumbai...over 200,000 fresh, client-specific lunch meals
 are delivered each day, directly to each customer’s office, at a
 specific time each day.
The system uses long-life, reusable food packaging. More than 5,000 highly efficient workers utilize head trays, bicycles, hand carts, and the local railway system to transport the food containers. They not only pick-up a personalized meal which has been prepared by a customer’s spouse or family member, and deliver to it the correct Mumbai workplace at lunchtime, they also return the empty metal container (called a tiffin) that same evening to the customer’s home for tomorrow’s reuse and refilling.  This customized, 2-way, daily delivery service only costs Mumbai’s citizens the equivalent of $6.50 SGD ($5 USD) per month! 
Look at some of these beauties. It is like lunch inside artwork..

I will be using mine for camping and picnics