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Friday, June 3, 2016

DIY Harem Pants

 Each piece makes one leg, sewn together in the U (make the U long enough to go from belly to back of waist), make tops of U long enough to reach or exceed 1/2 of belly / back area to each hip / side

Harem Pants
If you're  plus size these are the lightest most comfortable pants for Summer EVER!

1. Have someone hold the measuring tape at your spine where you want the waistband to be. Put the tape between your legs and bring it up to where you want the waistband to be in the front (same height as back).

2. Add, what, about 3"   or more for comfort so the seam isn't pressing into your crotch.

3. Add 2.5" inches at both top ends of the U so that you have enough fabric to flip the edges over and make a 2" casing for a drawstring, instead of those little shoelaces sewn to the corners.

4. Instead of 3/4s of waist circumference, give yourself a bit more fabric so that you have greater modesty re the side slits, especially when sitting down. The drawstring lets you adjust the extra fabric easily.

There! Don't wait to lose weight. You have the pretty pants now. The drawstring makes your weight loss irrelevant; they'll still fit.....
 grab one side and wrap it around your waist.