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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


  Ceiling fans help cool a room as they circulate the air, but they are not always as attractive as they could be. 
  Mine sure was hidiuos!  I decided to make a chandelier to fit around the single bulb light attachment on my fan hoping to add a decorative touch to the fixture.
  The tricky part was I didn't want to shop around for anything.I went on line and found a couple that would work, but they were all white, and that just wouldn't work in my Tuscan dining room.I guess I could have painted it,but finding something free around the house sounded much better.
  Upon looking all around the internet I found you can't take any old chandelier an attach it to your fan.
Ceiling fans are not designed to be attached to chandeliers. There is not standard hardware designed for such a purpose, nor is any ceiling fan approved by UL for such an application. So that idea was out.

  After about a half hour collecting some this and that from spare bedrooms, which I must say are just used to collect stuff right now, I came up with this concoction. I have to say I really do like it !

 The crystals to add a touch of elegance,and the combined materials  make it an eclectic chandelier.


I am so embarassed there was that much dust....


Close up detail...

Night time...

I used a wallpaper border painted metallic gold for the top of my fake chandelier.

Thanks for looking....