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Saturday, October 1, 2011


This is the  groom's motorcycle

Get your motor runnin"....

I had the pleasure of helping a fellow decorator out with a groom's cake she was working on. I have to tell ya , as much as I have it all figured out in my head how the finished product should look , sometimes it's better than expected and sometimes not so much. I was fortunate this one was what I expected.
I sat in front of the computer for a couple hours playing with the fondant, and krispie treats until the proportions were just right. Kinda brings me back to the old days playing with my playdough.

Wheww....The pieces are made for the body, and tires, fenders, and forks. I hope the tires fit.....

Working with the picture of the bike on my screen, I was able to make the engine pieces easier.

 Edible silver dust mixed with vodka was used for all the chrome.

 I have no idea what all these parts are, but I came as close as I could.

For some reason, I can hear Steppenwolf in the background when I think of this cake... "Get your motor running, head out on the highway..." 

                         Thanks for Looking!