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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Today, was a first for my beautiful furry friends.

      I have a 25 year old Tabby cat named Lil' Miss. 
We got her from the Humane Society when my son was 7. He is now 27. She was a younger cat, but by no means a kitten. "Missy Doo", which I call her doesn't have much tolerance for the other cat, or the dog. But today was different.  She was in the need for some body heat, and there was a big furry ball of it sleeping sound in the recliner.

Mabas at 3 months old

His name is Mabas. "Pretty boy", as I call him is a beautiful Himalayan who's first birthday is coming up the end of November. He is a BIG furry ball of  

Mabas loves everyone, and thinks everything is some 
sort of playtoy. Lil' Miss has no use for this type of behavior, so most of the time they just swat each other in passing. 
But now the weather is turning chilly and damp, and Missy Do is looking at Mabas like some sort of furry heater. Today, as he was sleeping sound , Missy Do ever so slowly jumped up next to him and sat down to observe his every breath. Would he wake up if she sat ever so still? Soon she realized this was a big fat NO !
So her next step was to s-l-owly lay down. "Hey ",she thought, maybe this could work? By this time Big Furry Mabas was getting hot, and decided to roll over and stretch out over the top of Lil' Miss.

 She wasn't sure what to think at this point, but after realizing it was even warmer, she quickly gave in and fell asleep.

                    Nite Nite my sweet furry babies !