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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Can I just tell ya glitter is my Crack !!

 I loves me anything that glitters, shines, sparkles, lights up.....

You can use fake pumpkins ,or real .I like the fake jobbies cause I can keep them from year to year.I did mine about 3 years ago, and store them in the basement, and they look as great as the day I did them.

    • 1
      Spread glue evenly over the pumpkin's surface using the paintbrush. You'll want to do about one-fourth of the pumpkin at a time, spreading glue and adding glitter. Make sure there are no clumps of glue anywhere. You can also use spray glue.Make sure to lay down enough newspaper.
    • 2
      Sprinkle glitter over the pumpkin until the glue is fully covered. The newspaper underneath will catch the extra glitter so you can reuse what has fallen off. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until the pumpkin is fully glittered.
    • 3
      Once the pumpkin is completely covered with glitter, let it dry for an hour.
There are about a dozen glitter pumpkins on this tablescape, but with all the food, you cant see them very well. Any way, they are beautiful against candlelight.Trust me!
I have also used them at each place setting with name cards attached, but be careful if you do this....your guests will take them home with them!