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Saturday, September 3, 2011


With a polymer clay casing you can give the memory stick a very individual appearance. Each one is different and you can personalise by using the wearer's favorite team colour combinations.Myself being from Wisconsin, of course it must be Packers, Brewers, or Wisc. Badgers.If you do not have experience with polymer clay, just take some time to get some feeling with the material and you will very soon be ready to start.
As taking pictures of a polymer clay work in progress involves cleaning my hands thoroughly before taking the camera each time, I don't have alot of step pictures.I will soon be making more and will add  more step pictures.

step 1

Materials: - a USB flash drive. I prefer to work with the smallest possible, in order to end up with a small pendant. Sliding models, as opposed to those with a cap.

step 2

Covering the casing with clay is the easiest option for most models of USB flash drive, but it will result in a slightly more bulky pendant.You can also cut the casing off carefully using an exacto knife and a whole world of patience.

Step 3

With some unbaked polymer clay You can  give them shape by playing with it until you get just the right size and thickness desired

step 4 Making a hole and cutting.

Make a circumferential cut through the polymer clay, right to the core. Try to make one continuous cut. 

step 5

Bake the workpiece as indicated for the brand of polymer clay used and let it cool down. With the razor knife redo the cut. Take care to follow the original cut for a clean appearance.

Step 6
Paint details with acrylic paints and a very good quality brush.Let dry, and coat with a sealer. My choice is Mod Podge.I also added it to a keychain for my husband for extra convenience, and hey why not show it off !

Take care as polymer clay in unbaked condition is considered harmful to your health and to many plastic surfaces. I guess it's the softeners that do the harm. Check the instructions of the manufacturer. Avoid contact with anything not needed for the sculpting and wash hands, tools and working area thoroughly afterwards.