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Monday, September 12, 2011

"Cute Cashbox" Mission

I was just going over everything I'll be needing for the Holy Hill Art Fair this weekend. Upon finding my cash box in the garage, I knew everyone would be seeing it on the table, and ewww gross !

O.K so I know I still have alot of things I want to create to sell, but I must step back and think about everything I NEED like signage, table dressing,displays, biz cards, price tags.....

Todays Mission :Cute Cashbox

Here's the steps I used to do it with  paper napkins, Mod Podge, and lace/jewelry scraps.
I decoupaged some pretty paper napkins, and some doily scraps on the lid and sides using none other than Mod Podge.Embellished using E6000 glue for pearls, doilies, lace, and jewels. Finished with a nice thick top coat of MP to seal everything, and make cleaning easier .
The top is actually a pin  I had, and the bottom skirt is part of a doily and an earring I only had 1 of.

The only problem now is I don't want to put her back in the garage. I must find a use for her in my kitchen. Any ideas? Please e- mail me   Thanks everyone.