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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I found my son's and mine, old high chair in the basement, that we had moved a few years back from my mom's basement. She lived in a flood plain, so the bottoms of the legs had a bit of rot going on.This made it unlevel. I could have cut 4 inches off the bottom, but then it wouldn't sit right at my dining table.So here's how I resolved it the frugal (cheap)way. Or as I refer to as the "Homefaker" way!


First and foremost was cleaning it up...

2nd was a Nice coat of I didn't strip or even sand it first...I always use this stain and have never had a problem yet.If you use anything else, the results may be all different.

The back is actually an old picture frame, glass removed and screwed to the back with wood screws. I decoupaged a piece of fabric in the middle where the picture would go.

TRADITIONAL CORNER GUARDThe bottoms of the legs were water damaged/rotted,so I found a couple wood corner guards, cut them in half, painted them black, and attached them to all four legs with wood screws.I think it adds a touch of charm.

I absolutely love it...

I had to use my Pom for a baby...Do ya think a girl could get a grandbaby up in here !!!