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Friday, October 14, 2011


Who hasn't come across these beautiful hand cut glass decanters at rummage sales and thrift stores. They have such beautiful understated elegance.

 With not much table space in my home, I've started looking for creative ways to recycle, and make use of ceiling space. This marriage of light and crystal is right up my alley!

Bottle_   $2.49
Light kit $7.49

One of a kind light fixture for $10.00=
           SIGN ME UP !!!

Here's what ya need..... 

A variety or just a single cut glass decanter

Light kits you can get from Lowes, or any favorite hardware store.

Hanging Pendant Light Kit 15ft - Black: $7.34 - 15ft black cord lighting kit

This lighting kits come with a 15ft. cord that has a on/off switch, a maximum wattage of 60watts, and a easy to install ceiling hanger.  Great for decorating your home with, easy to install and hang lanterns. Every day can be a new color! These can also be used for parties and events such as weddings, quinceaneras, birthdays, and banquet dinners.

These also come in white.

The directions are very simple, and there's no cutting or drilling involved. 

I love that part!

You can cut the bases off of the decanters if desired, and paint the interiors a metallic gold for a regal look...
Crystal Decanterlight Pendant Light by Lee Broom

Or leave them in their original beauty....

The decanter pendanr lights glow in clusters creating a majestic and sensual centerpiece wherever they hang.