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Sunday, October 28, 2018

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from my house to yours 2018



Wednesday our black Himalayan mix

                                               Boney Ballerina

Sooo...a young couple and their 2 children about the ages of 2 and 3 STOLE the whole bowl of Halloween candy!!!!...

I have to say I am horrified that they are teaching their 2 young children how to steal. 

Yes, I did confront them after seeing them with my own eyes thru our front window. I followed them with the empty bowl and confronted them . The "mother"(and I use that term loosely) had the audacity to lie to my face and tell me the bowl was empty when she saw it. 

I just had to tell her how sad it made me that  she was teaching her young children to steal, and how unfair it was to the rest of the children in our village , that they would not get any candy from our home this year. Shame on them!!.

My husband didn't think I should have confronted them. Apparently he forgot who he married. I still remember when I was about 9 , I spent all day carving Jack O Lanterns for our front porch. Some kids came and smashed all of them. My dad  saw them and booked out the door in his socks....chased them down about a block away. He made them get more pumpkins and carve them for his daughter . He was my hero. 

And finally what would Halloween be without a little Glamping before she goes off to slumber...


Aquarium Fireplace