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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am allowing myself to get lost in the details, making the most of what i have to work with. Forgiving myself for my slowness.To begin with, i decide to use some more of that vintage curtain as base of the apron, it seemed nicely shabby, appropriate for the aesthetic i was going for, and i love working with it. In my stash, i have had that wonderful burgundy upholstery fringe that my mama gave me years ago…at last, the perfect project arrived to use it….

This pocket is actually a sleeve of a vintage dress. It made a perfect pouch-y pocket, i thought, and seemed very “gypsy-esque” to re-purpose in such a way. I trimmed it with some lace, sewed on tiny brass bells, and gave it a beaded button and ribbon closure.

For a finishing touch, i pinned on a flowery brooch from my stash, and gave it a wide satin ribbon for the waistband and bow.
This project was SO much fun, although it took a very very long time to complete…all the hand stitching, embroidery and little detail work took more hours than i would like to admit! This apron is UTTERLY impractical, but i think it was worth it for the fun i had making it.
                      Hope you are all having a MARVELOUS weekend!