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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Why Why Why!! did it take me almost 8 years to discover Tajin! I mean,REALLY! 
People have been trying to convince me to eat fruit and various candies with Chile powder…but that just wasn’t happening…that flavor combination was waaaaaayy out there to me and my mouth kept rejecting it.
Alas…a trusted friend convinced me to put some Tajin on my bowl of fruit last week and I couldn’t get enough!!!!! I probably consumed twice the fruit I would have normally eaten in that sitting because Tajin amps up each fruits flavor by like 10 notches…I think my taste buds were freaking out so they kept telling my brain to eat more! 

I’m sure everyone has heard of people that put salt on fruit…because it sort of enhances the sweetness in even the most bitter fruit (It’s the same reason salt is an ingredient in lots of desserts…it amplifies all the right flavors).

Now remember...all Chile powders are not created equal!...I love that Tajin has dehydrated lime juice as one of the main ingredients because that’s what brings it all together. The combination of the smoky chile with the tangy lime and literally the slightest hint of heat (don’t be afraid) completely lights up your mouth.I squeeze a little fresh lime also. It feels like little fireworks going off (!!) It makes me want to run around in circles and pour it on everything in sight!
Tajin is also incredible on salads, seafood, chicken, potatoes (and that’s just what I’ve tried it on in the past week!) I imagine it is great on MANY other things! Now every time I grab a snack or (gasp) cook, I think to myself…can I put Tajin on this?!

So I would like to thank Mexico for giving me such little wonders as the burrito, piñatas, tequila, siestas, flan, sombreros etc...but most of all THANK YOU FOR TAJIN!! This stuff is the BOMB!