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Thursday, April 7, 2011


O.K so here it is.I get home from F.D.L and decide to take my Pomeranian to the park.
She immediately runs for the woods.
I honk the horn........nothing.    
I rev the car engine........nothing.
I start to drive away
[that always gets her}........nothing.
 Now I'm pi**ed ! .....
 I get all the way to the road, and wait.
 All of a sudden she comes out of the woods like a shot, with a  SMALL  tree stuck to her butt!!  We are talking some pretty good roots on that sucker!  I felt bad, but at the same time was rolling in laughter. She didn't think it was so funny .Then she realized her and the tree were not getting in the car together, as they wouldn't fit through the door!! I only wish I had a camera, but at least I DID have a scissors to free her .Somebody's gonna wonder why theres a tree laying in the lot with a bunch of hair stuck to it! And now  I have a dog with ONE bare butt cheek. Oh, well I've had worse days.