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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


          When I first tasted this delicate jelly, I thought,.....Wow! That's what it must taste like to be a hummingbird.

For this romantic jelly, you need a garden of full-blown pink or red roses, their petals about to fall, together with a tree of sour apples. Luckily, these demands can be simplified, as the recipe proceeds in two parts: first comes a jelly made with little crab apples (the sour apples used to make cider), then the rose petals are added and the jelly is boiled again to the jell point. Work can be minimized if you substitute a larger tart apple such as Granny Smith, or use ready-prepared apple jelly (you will need about 2 pounds/1 liter). Then all you must pick are the roses, the more fragrant the better. A golden pink, elusively fragrant jelly will be your reward.

We use a lot of jams an jellies at my house. My guy eat it on toast and pb&j sandwiches. Its good as a topping for ice cream or a glaze for cooking meats, too. The flower jellies make great gifts. A basket of homemade and unusual things from the kitchen goes over very 
well at Christmas!

These are crab apples sweetened and jellied with my own organically grown red roses.  A light perfume scent and flavor, it goes perfect on biscuits or scones. Simply use to sweeten your favorite tea for an extra floral flavor to tickle your taste buds.

Just look at this jar- it really is incredible and for the first time in my life I thought that it was almost too beautiful to eat! Of course I did though, and it was the strangest and most wonderful combination of the unmistakable taste of rose petals with a subtle back note of champagne. It’s as tasty as it is gorgeous.

Using all the richness God has surrounded us with gives me such a feeling of accomplishment! I love to line up all the jellies I have just made, while they are cooling, and just look at them. A full larder is such a beautiful site! We are so blessed to live here and have all of this God given splendour!

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