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Monday, August 8, 2011

DESIGNER CAKE homefaker way

Today I felt like making something a little extra special for dinner.Maybe something cute to match the kitchen as it sits in a dome on the counter. Alot of work and mess, won't do, so I'll just fake something. I found a chocolate cake mix, and a can of white frosting. Hubby always loves chocolate, so we'll go with that. Putting it in  spring form or a bundt  pan will let me fill the middle with something from the garden.Less decorating on my part, and I always love fresh flowers on the of both worlds!!

I wanted to hide the flavor of the can frosting, so I mixed a half package of cream cheese, and part of a stick of butter I had hanging out in the fridge, and a splash of vanilla.

mix on high until light and fluffy...

My favorite cake plate from the china cabinet, and just waiting for the cake to be done to work some easy magic.... 

                 Anybody for dessert?