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Thursday, August 25, 2011


 Do you love the magic of crystal chandeliers? Maybe you’ve noticed them all in ballrooms, restaurants and elegant lodges? a crystal chandelier does not just provide light for a bedroom. It lights the creative imagination.
You can have a crystal chandelier inside your private home. They come in numerous dimensions and styles. while they are generally a lttle bit much more highly-priced compared to some other kinds of home chandeliers they’re well worth the price tag for their attractiveness, elegance as well as old-world impress.
Home chandeliers have remained with us because medieval times when they had been very simple wood support frames holding multiple candles. later, casings of wrought iron were used. Simply because candles had been created from beeswax and extremely high priced, getting a chandelier with numerous candle lights was basically a display of prosperity. the use of crystal arrangements on chandeliers started in the sixteenth century. Originally actual rock crystal was used. every piece had to be hand-cut and polished carefully.
Crystal glass — high quality glass treated with lead oxide — started out in the 17th century and reached its highest refinement in Venice. Crystal candle holders as well as decoration on home chandeliers became even much more desired. Crystal home chandeliers are esteemed simply because of the refractive properties of crystal glass. Once the chandelier is lit the crystal seems to shimmer with mystical flames.'s that time again. The chandelier in my kitchen has lost it's sparkle.This time I am going to take each crystal off and try putting them in the dishwasher with windex added in the rinse. Don't get me wrong I love chandeliers, and would have jewels dripping from every surface, except for the task of cleaning them. If they aren't spotless, they loose their appeal.

              I hope it works, after all the work....