Thursday, June 16, 2011


O.K...So  it's 1 am., and I'm on a mission to figure something unique to stake my tomato plants up. I found a roll of copper tubing in the garage, and seeing I have a copper roof, and my lightning rods, and weather vane is copper also.....perfect, right?

This is my idea.....something of this nature.

Rainbow Tomato Spirals - 4 Foot Tomato Supports
   Sturdy, rustproof, no fastenings. The plant is supported by growing through the spiral. And most of all stylish hmmmm.....stylish tomatoes. 

  Anyway, I bent the copper around a pole I had in the back yard. This is what I ended up with, now I only need 8 more. 

The only thing missing is something decorative for the top. I guess that will have to wait. I'll keep thinking.........but now it's night night time. 

O.K now that it's daylight I've finished  6 spirals.

Of course there has to be "BLING".I added Swarovski crystals with some wire.

You can't see it in pictures, but when the sun catches the crystal it's incredibly BEAUTIFUL!!!
                 Have a great weekend !