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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We are dying to try this new lip minx trend!

You cut them to fit your lips, pad them with a wet sponge, peel them off and viola you have patterned lips! The temporary lip minx lasts for 8 hours and can be removed with a wipe and a little baby oil.We could totally see Rihanna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga rocking these. They are not for everyday wear for us common folks!

Temporary Lip Tattoos? This may be the strangest fashion trend we’ve seen in a long time. Yes, even weirder than the knee jewelry.
Violent Lips is a temporary lip tattoo line that offers vitamin-enhanced applications for your lips in prints and patterns ranging from glitter and polka dots to fishnets and rainbow stripes.
It’s totally FDA-approved, contains no animal products, and can easily be removed with baby oil and a textured wipe. And with a lasting effect of 4-8 hours, that’s longer than some regular lipsticks.


            I could so ROCK this one!!

This new brand is the creation of Athena Elliott (Minx Houston). She is currently accepting pre-orders at the end of April. I'll be updating this post as more information is available.


Step 1
Print off the tattoo sheet using an inkjet printer,

Step 2

When you buy the tattoo paper you get an adhesive sheet which you stick over the top off the printed sheet. Remember to let the printed sheet dry for at least 1/2 an hour before you attach the adhesive sheet.

Step 3
Rub the two sheets together to make sure you have got rid of all the air bubbles.

Step 4
Cut out the designs using a craft knife or a pair of scissors.

Step 5
Peel off the protective film to the front of the printed tattoo. You will be left with a sticky surface.

Step 6
Place the design face down onto the skin.

Step 7
Using a damp sponge, saturate the tattoo with water and rub gently. Continue this process for about 30-45 seconds.

Step 8
The white backing paper will start to easily slip off. Dab the tattoo with a dry cloth to get rid of any residue and it is finished.

Now coat your lip tattoo with any extended wear lip gloss.