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Monday, June 13, 2011


Well....It's not my taste in wedding cakes, but after I got it completely set up, it is adorable.We had to set this one up at the Milwaukee Zoo.I never got escorted through the whole park while being in my vehicle. It was fun. I had to make a pit stop by the monkeys and say Hi.
 My bride didn't like the way her wedding turned out the first time, so she redid the whole thing again !!! Let me tell ya she was gonna make sure she was happy with everything. And she was.The top catering company in the area was doing  all the food, and pulled me aside to tell me this was one of the best cakes he's seen.That made me feel good, along with the bride being extremely satisfied.

Yes there are 8 tiers,13 bridesmaids polar bears, and 13 groomsman penguins. All of them I hand sculpted out of fondant, and painted with food coloring. Oh ya ...and the bride and groom also! Every icicle had to be piped on individually after the layers were set up. My back killed after this one.

Edible glitter and hard candy blue and clear "ice cubes" set the winter scene.
Large snowflakes made of royal icing serve as a backdrop for each couple.

 This whole cake was set up on a table of mirrors to reflect the candle glow. Large acrylic ice cubes anchor the  spaces in back. Ice blue tulle and organza set off the cake beautifully!