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Monday, May 16, 2011


Clone Yourself A Fitting Assistant - Threads

Wrap snugly
I attempted to try this method of making a dress form of my body in order to make my clothes more tailored.I feel like I'm wearing trash bag most days, which is o.k at work, but not when going places.Nothing I buy lately is true to a size,and the boobly area is never in the right place.Also because of my height I want to cover my butt.

This was a very interesting process.I decided to do it while hubby was at church yesterday.He already thinks I'm a nutcase, and me wrapping myself in duct tape would only further his suspicion!I would suggest to anyone doing this to have a person on hand to get you released out of this thing before you pass out! For some reason it restricts your breathing and makes you overheat REALLY fast! Also cutting yourself out of it posses a challenge, as the  duct tape makes your scissors gum up and render itself useless. Thank God I had 4 of them on hand !

Anyway, glad that step is over,and seeing yourself cast as a body double is a whole other traumatic experience.I think I should set her right next to the refrigerator!!As I was doodling it up in the garage giving it a somewhat "face-lift", I realized I was sheltering her, so no one would see what I perceived as my "nakedness".WOW !, Am I gonna need therapy after this craft project ! 

Probably more than anyone wants to know, hugh.? I'll maybe post pics when she's done.....maybe.
                                                              ~DeeDee aka Suzy Homefaker


O.K. ....I decided to take a picture and post it. Here She Is....

I covered the duct tape with a torn up grocery bag and some Modge Podge, glitter and decoupaged some rose napkins onto some areas .Her stand is actually an old light I had placed out in the trash, but decided to retrieve it. I like the chippy paint look.The weighted bottom of the lamp works perfectly to make her sturdy.
                            I LOVE HER.