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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Hey everyone, 
I had a big dilemma.What type of microwave to put in my Shabby Chic Kitchen. I could have gone with a plain white one,but that just wouldn't be me.I  have to have something unique,a bit shocking, and most of all CUTE!!!I found this one from the U.K, but add shipping, and it would ave been about $400.00, and I really wanted one that could toast too, and this one didn't.Here's the picture:

So I found  one at K-Mart for $129.00.It toasts, and I LOVE the arched window in the front.Well...the only problem is it just wouldn't go in my pretty pink kitchen. Here is some pictures of my kitchen, and new found microwave.....

O.K.. Now this is what some appliance spray paint, Gorilla Glue, Swarovski crystals (glued over the buttons),a Demitasse spoon, some old lace, and decoupaged flower fabric can do.....

I absolutely Love cooking in of a kind "Girly" microwave.I call it my "BIG GIRL EASY BAKE OVEN".Brings back those cherished little girl memories.

                             I'd love to hear what you think......
                                     Thanks for looking !