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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Did you know, you can repaint just about anything with the right kind of paint these days? I have painted just about every appliance in my kitchen PINK ! If you don't like pink, paint them any color you choose! Life is just too short to be limited to a handful of colors ! Just a note too...If you can't find your color, have it made for you at a auto shop.I found this to be my favorite paint.They make a spray can for you for about 7 dollars. This way you know you can always get your same color, later on. I do it all the time, if it's durable enough for a car, It will hold up in my kitchen.

 I love a fireplace in the kitchen!

This is my baby,yes it's my only stove, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

This is what she looked like before paint...

Pots and pans in my favorite from hubby for Christmas !

Venetian crystal chandelier adorned with vintage tea cups.

Pink Depression glass I have collected over the years, mixed with vintage pieces.

A girls gotta have a pink coffee pot!

 or two....

                My shabby Chic Microwave!!

 My parakeet Bling Bling,,,yes she's real .

Ceiling made from recycled vintage frames..

I feel like a Queen!

My shade in kitchen .I pulled the vinyl one off the roller, and stapled clear plastic covered in lace .It let's light in, but no one can watch me anymore. 

 All my scraps from my craft room in the early process of making the curtains.

 My "blinged" up shades.
"Rosey" curtain tie backs
Finished product, and I love em'........

And last but certainly not least, my pretty glitter decoupaged floor...

 Pretty Dishwasher...

.............. Have  a  great  evening..........                           ......................everyone!......................